Two Becomes One

the life and times of a twin

Kaoru Hitachiin
9 June
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Name: Kaoru Hitachiin
Birthday: June 9
Blood Type: B
Sign: Gemini
Height: 5' 9"
Favourite Colour: Orange, Green
Favourite Food: Italian and spicy foods
Favourite Subjects: English, Modern Literature, Art, Japanese Language

I guess I should say a little something here about me. I'm a twin, yes yes, I know. Amazing, right? Not really. My brother, Hikaru, and I are...close, to say the least. We are members of the Ouran Host Club, mostly because it's something to do that's rather easy. When we get bored, it's fun to cause mischief, especially to Tono, the Host Club "King," as he likes to be called. My brother is the most important person to me, and I'll do whatever it takes to make him happy. As you can imagine, this is not always good for me, but as the younger twin, it's my responsibility to take care of my brother and his problem interacting with others.

My favourite subjects in school are languages and fine arts. My brother's favourites are pretty much the opposite of mine. Whatever I can't do, he can, and vicaversa. We help eachother. For foods, well, we love maple syrup. LOVE it. Italian food is also really good. And if you think you can eat anything spicier than we can, think again. We can eat the spiciest foods on Earth. We love fashion, probably because our mother is a fashion designer, and know how to apply the perfect makeup and hair styles for anyone. My favourite holiday is Halloween, though Christmas is pretty high on the list.


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