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I think I lost her. Hikaru~! Where are you?! If you're reading this, find Tono and go to the Third Music Room! I've locked myself in Honey-senpai's sweets cabinet. He should have the key to get me out. I hope.

Maybe I should hire Mori-senpai or Honey-senpai to be my bodyguard. That or find a spray that will keep crazed lunatics away from me. *cries* Why won't she leave me alone?!

Hikaru, we need to pull a major prank on her, something that will scare her away forever. Do you think our homo-act would work? >3 I don't like being mean to most girls, but this is ridiculous! She wants my body! Or soul! Or both! Maybe she's the devil! I don't want to risk it. I love my body and soul. Don't let her take them from me! *cries*

I don't think I've been this scared in a long time.
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Ok. I think I'm alone. For now.

Life has been pretty hectic lately, what with exams and club activities and such. We need a break. Right now I'm sitting at a table in the second library, hiding myself with the laptop's screen.

There's a new transfer student from...somewhere, I don't know. I wasn't really paying attention. The main thing is she scares the living bajeebus out of me. Every time I turn around, she's there. Now, I don't mean there like our patrons at the Host Club, but there as in she must be thinking of doing something really weird/scary/perverted/evil to us. Actually, me in particular. When Hikaru and I have to split up for whatever activities, she ends up following me. *wibble*

OMG, she just found me! Gotta run!
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Some say that a smile conveys a million words.

I say that a blank stare can say everything and nothing at all.

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It's been awhile, hasn't it? I finally got the hard casts taken off; now I just have a sling on my left arm. Being in a cast makes you realize something: never has scratching an itch ever been so fulfilling. And Hikaru? No more translating for me. I know you can have a creative spirit at times, but...well, no more translating.

Before I forget to mention it, Happy Birthday, Tono! Sorry for my current condition holding us back...although it's lucky for you because I can't play many good pranks this way *tear*

Not being able to do much but read and watch the world pass by has given me plenty of time to think about an assortment of things. I shouldn't really be thinking about some of the things that came to mind...but blocking out problems and pretending they don't exist doesn't work anymore. One of these days I'm going to have to take a stand, say something, and wait. One of these days...not necessarily anytime soon. >>
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gjkl;lasdjkf/fkjk;lsdfjjkk;j kldsfj; lj;kjdf ijljkjfghuyrn lhjv slknm;lkj

(Falling down the stairs is not fun. Ever. It's hard for me to type while in a giant cast, but as long as my brother is here, he will help me.)

ueykjnfs kjhlduhnkj hkl;hfuhdjg hgfyjagdjfuyte hjey buafhdjkhaf bjhaf jhlakhd

(Hahahaha, using your nose to type is so funny to watch.)

jkl;fhafhdh jagdfshdfjk ajlhjk ILHAKJDFLH AJSDHFJASHDJKJL!

(It is so funny! My wonderfully amazing brother of many talents is the best translator. I could not have asked for anyone better because that person does not exist!)

. . .

(Thank you, Hikaru, for being so amazing!)

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It has been awhile, has it not?

The Valentine's Ball was fantastic and the gown was simply gorgeous. Good job, Okaasan! *thumbs up* Dancing with Naomii-hime was delightful, and after all of the fitting we put her through, she looked wonderful, a great complement to the gown. *nods* Though I'm feeling a little sick from all the chocolates and candies we got from everyone. Seriously, Hikaru and I should barracade our desks so they won't get so over-filled with presents even though I like chocolate.

Lately I've just been feeling so lackadaisical; have I really become that disinterested in life? Hmm, a few choice sprinklings of this love potion from Nekozawa should make for some interesting situations... Nothing really seems to pique my interest anymore.

Hikaru~! Make me not bored~!
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We threw a little birthday party for Haruhi earlier. We say "little" because it was a small party, but Haruhi didn't seem to think so. Ah well. I hope everyone had a lot of fun! We did some research on commoner party games for Haruhi so she wouldn't feel too out of place. I must say, bobbing for apples sounds a lot easier than it really is. Hikaru and I had to try together to get the apple out. We held it between our noses, hahahaha. We also had "Pin the Tail on the Donkey." Why would a donkey need a tail attached, anyway? Very strange but enjoyable. There were other games, too many to count actually. What was everyone's favorite game?

Ah, classes will be starting again soon.
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Is all our Life, then, but a dream
Seen faintly in the golden gleam
Athwart Time's dark resistless stream?

Bowed to the earth with bitter woe,
Or laughing at some raree-show,
We flutter idly to and fro.

Man's little Day in haste we spend,
And, from its merry noontide, send
No glance to meet the silent end.

~Lewis Carroll, Sylvie and Bruno

Carroll brings up an interesting question: Is life but a dream? Sometimes it seems like it, that's for sure. But then it hits an occurrence to trigger that sense of reality once more. We spend our lives piddling away time with meaningless fancies and tricks; products that we all crave to speed up work. What good are they when all the time they give us, we end up wasting? We live in luxury and glee with no care as to what the future may bring. Then, one day, the future comes. What do we have to show for it but a frown and a worry, that dream we tried to live in destroyed?

We're all guilty of it. I know Hikaru and I are. We spend most of our days in waste, trying to escape the boredom that threatens to devour us. But what we have failed to see is that maybe, just maybe, it's not boredom we're afraid of. Maybe it's the fact that if we are left with nothing to do, we'll realize how foolish we are. We'll realize that nothing we can do can stop the inevitable and that one day we'll have to accept our fate. We live in our dream today, but tomorrow that dream might end.
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I don't think I mentioned anything about the rock concert we all went to last week. The music was interesting and I actually enjoyed it at times. There were so many people there...a little overwhelming, being so close, I'm not quite sure I liked that fact. But overall, it was enjoyable. AND Haruhi looked amazing...though I think the spikes were a little much, hahaha.

Okaasan's dress is going along very well. I think she's finally settled on a design and has been working on matching fabrics and making the template. It shouldn't be long now. Maybe we can get Haruhi to try it on *grin*

For some reason, I'm in the mood to paint. Hikaru, want to be my subject? *grin*
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How would one describe colors to a blind person?

Kyouya-senpai, someone has to do something about your situation. Whether it's you, a brother, Tono, or Kate, someone needs to break the news and get the ball rolling. The longer this charade lasts, the harder it will be to end and the more people will be hurt. I know that if Hikaru and I were in this situation though I highly doubt that could ever happen, we'd end it immediately through whatever means possible. There may be a few tears and brother-comforting later, but it's unforgivable to allow a sibling to be hurt like that.
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